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Key factors to consider before choosing the best outdoor patio heater

Patios are the most people’s favourite spot in their homes as they can enjoy the fresh breeze while spending time with family. However, except in summer, most days tend to be either too chill or not warm enough.

An outdoor patio heater can enable you to spend time on your patio irrespective of the weather conditions. Fall and winter nights may be the coolest, but you can turn those days into the most memorable with an outdoor patio heater. Lets explore ways to choose the best outdoor patio heater in Canada.

Patio heaters – Fuel types

Patio heaters require an energy source to produce heat. It is best to choose a fuel type that you think suits your budget and lifestyle.

Natural gas patio heaters: While natural gas could be a great option, some people may not have a natural gas outlet in their patio. If you have one, a natural gas patio heater could be more efficient than the other heater types.

Propane patio heaters: Propane heaters can heat up quickly, but propane usage is optimal for an open space than an enclosed one. So, consider propane patio heaters only if you have a large patio. However, smaller tank-top propane heaters can be used in small patios.

Electric patio heaters: Families with older people, kids, and pets might consider electric patio heaters over other types as electric outlets are easy to install. Besides, most properties might already have electric outlets on the patio.

Choose the ideal type of patio heater

Heat production may not be the same with all patio heaters. Some are ideal for small spaces, and some tend to be best for larger spaces. Choose the one that fits your requirements.

Small patios: Wall-mounted patio heaters, hanging heaters, and tank top heaters are the ideal options if your patio is small and enclosed. Both these heater types consume less fuel yet are capable enough to keep you warm till you hit the bed.

Medium and large patios: Large patio spaces might need a powerful outdoor heater to keep the patrons warm. Hanging patio heaters and Full-size standing patio heaters could produce enough heat quickly to warm up larger patios.

Compact sitting areas If you want to warm up a small seating area, tabletop heaters, and hanging heaters could be your ideal choices. Both these heater types can heat up pretty quickly and are highly portable. When you need a heater inside your home, these heater types can be handy.